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Be Open Minded About Different Low Budget Locations

If you are on a tight budget a fancy venue might not be for you. Stay open to those not so appealing venues because they can be decorated and completely transformed. If the space is large enough to accommodate all your guests and is conveniently located where people can easily access it, then don’t rule it out. It may not be a 5 star conference set up but with a bit of creativity a lot can be done with it. Think about the style that the place already has and how much of that can be incorporated into your event. If the place isn’t so modern, could you consider going for a vintage theme that will complement the place?

 Get Creative With The Décor

You have to really think outside the box with DIY décor. You can find thrift items to make centerpieces with or spruce up cheap centerpieces from the dollar store by adding cute detail to them. Coordinate your colors well. You may not have the budget for expensive table cloths and silverware so you could get colored napkins or runners that match the rest of your color scheme. Have something attractive or intriguing at the entrance that will capture your guests. It may be impractical to amazingly decorate the entire place so select specific areas that you would want to put special attention to and make them pop.

 Have Good Lighting

Controlled lighting could take you much further with your overall look. There may be areas that you really would rather your guests never see. In addition to adding a pot plant on the burnt area of the carpet, it would be a good idea to keep that area a little dark. Colored lights may add a bit more life to your entire venue. Good lighting that matches the theme can create a great ambiance. Make it as light or as dark as you need it to be to create the right atmosphere for your guests. Depending on the time of your event you may have to place temporary blinds on some windows to prevent natural light from coming in so that you can focus on using artificial lighting.


There are some things that you can’t do yourself and may need vendors. This is a good time to use your negotiation skills to the highest capacity. Do not be afraid to bargain. While you are trying to bargain to the best of your ability, bear in mind you are not trying to get your vendor out of business. Do away with anything unnecessary that comes with your vendor’s package. Consider the cheaper menu. Your guests will not be disappointed by a 3-course meal instead of 4 unless you already made promises.

Enjoy Every Moment

Remember to enjoy every moment. Get great people around you to volunteer during set-up as well as set-down. Planning an event can be stressful if you let it however if you take time to breathe and have fun, you could create wonderful moments. Take lots of pictures before, during and after the event and frame them. Give the framed collages to all your volunteers as a thank you gift. That is a thoughtful way to appreciate those moments as well as your team of wonderful people. It would also mean a lot to take time to appreciate them publicly before the event ends if time allows.

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Event Planning on a Low Budget

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