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Foundations of Clear Goals Must be Set

Is your team in disarray? Are people failing to hit deadlines? Maybe they don’t have a clear cut goal. To plan an event successfully, the vision must be painted elaborately for all to understand. To avoid confusion every member of your team should be aware of the entire scope of the event, including things that they do not have to handle directly. Anything that goes on does affect their work flow. With the vision plainly displayed like a Picasso in a gallery, the team’s goal should be clearly explained. This should inevitably be broken down into individual goals. Deadlines should be realistic with the possibility of delays being factored in.

Build a Team You Can Rely On

 There is nothing more mentally exhausting than not having full confidence in your team. In order to build the planning dream team, you need to understand everyone’s strengths and use them effectively. Trust that they will deliver. It’s ok to give a gentle nudge and to do a follow up on the progress of things but do not hover. Allow your team to grow. Sometimes this means making mistakes. At the end of the day, everything will fall on you as their leader, so make them understand that you are relying on them to make this a success and that at the same time they can rely on you to help when the going gets tough. Allow as much autonomy as each teammate requires. Believe that they know the difference between orchids and roses and that they will make the right selection within budget as you stressed three times already. Try to be a pleasure to work under. In the same light, do not neglect to follow up and keep the team accountable.

Build a Positive Culture

Trust is just the beginning of a positive work culture. A healthy environment fosters mutual respect amongst the team. Respect in turn nurtures unity and camaraderie. This is maintained through communication. Focus on maintaining a positive attitude. As the head, when stress levels are high it’s easy to crack and focus on the negatives and failures. These shouldn’t be ignored but looking at the glass as half full can help you to focus on how to fill the rest of it. Build strong relationships through constant interaction both professionally and socially. It gives a great feeling when colleagues are upgraded to ‘friends’. This doesn’t mean you have to attend every social gathering together and have tea every Saturday, but it does mean your team looks out for each other and you are able to cover each other’s weaknesses.

Build a Consistent Follow-up System

Now that everyone is all comfortable with each other and there is unity and positivity floating in the air, you need to get down to business. Every event has targets. A positive work culture is meant to foster productivity not encourage people to be lazy and overly relaxed. All plans need to be executed well. Track progress efficiently and effectively, keeping your planning team accountable. Vendors need to be secured on time. The budget needs to be respected and timelines must be stuck to. Tracking and communication are essential. Tools such as Event Penguins are designed for easy task tracking and project management. Keep up to date with every milestone and even set-backs. Have contingency plans in case initial plans don’t pull through. Ensure that mitigation measures are taken while there is still time in the unlikely event of failed initial plans.

Build a Reward System

It’s such a wonderful feeling when good work is acknowledged and appreciated. Reward systems boost morale and increase the level of motivation. Individuals are given something to look forward to other than just meeting the target. Appreciate your team for the hard work they put in after all we all know how stressful event planning can be. Make it clear what rewards will be given for specific targets so they have goals to set and achieve. Don’t neglect to celebrate every successful event. Enjoy your accomplishments and thank your team for their efforts!

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How to Build a Strong Events Team

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