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You have organized an event and hundreds of people are expected to come. It has been months of preparation. Guests start to scurry in. It’s lights, camera, action! You have a team on stand-by to usher guests in and direct them. Cars start to flood in. The stage is set, program lined up, food is getting ready, refreshments await and everyone is positioned. The anxiety of a large event is a very common feeling for any experienced planner. Guest registration is a vital aspect of the entire event and if not well prepared for, it could be the start of the tumbling of an event. Here are a few pointers on aspects that make your event run smoother and look more professional.

Entrances and Guest Parking

Before guests can register, they need a convenient place to park their cars knowing that there is good security. If you provide valet services then clear signs and good service are a necessity. Ensure that direction signs are clear. These can be pictorial or worded clearly. It should be clear where people need to go if they need to use restroom facilities, security assistance and most importantly the entrance. Your ushers need to be sharp, alert and well informed. There is nothing worse than being lost and taken around in circles by a confused usher.

Signs and Sign Holders

Find out at an early planning stage if signs and sign holders are provided by the venue, how many they provide and where the signs can conveniently be placed. If the venue doesn’t provide them then you have to outsource. Get quotes from several places before settling. If you can negotiate with the venue on other designations for the signs to direct people to the registration counter that would be helpful. Leave no stone unturned.

Registration Layout

Do take time in designing a registration layout that complements the layout of the entire venue. It has to be practical and should not be an inconvenience to guests as they try to get inside. Some ideals are cute but may not necessarily be efficient. An example is placing a lot of distracting decorations around the registration area which is likely to make it crowded and difficult to move around. If there are several registration steps to take then have rope lines and arrows on the floor in addition to sign posts. This is great even if you only have one registration step.

Tables and Chairs

Don’t wait until the day of the event to settle the tables and chairs for registration. Try choosing light chairs and tables that can easily be moved around and yet sturdy enough to hold throughout the event. Decide on a number of tables and chairs that will quicken the registration process. The more people assisting at the registration table the better. Table draping is extremely important as it is part of your décor. The colours must complement the rest of the environment and background.

Quick Event Registration

Registration apps are extremely helpful as they eliminate the need for numerous registration lists. If you use a registration app with a QR code then when guests come in they just present their tickets which can easily be scanned using a smart phone at the registration counter. Ensure that you have the registration list for back up, just in case your smart phone runs out of battery or someone forgets their ticket.

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How to Make The Registration of Your Events Look More Professional

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