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Here is a list of questions you have to ask when you have found your event venue and you need to get the ball rolling.


What time will I access the facility?

Avoid not being able to access the facility at the time you need it by knowing the exact time it will be available.

Do I have enough time to set up?

Consider negotiations on extra set up time if needed. Be reasonable in your request for extra time. Your time should be well planned. Your goal should always be to save time.

What do I need to bring in?

If you need to bring in anything such as a large Christmas tree for the Christmas dinner then put together a plan of how you will get it there and remove it. Some items can easily be set up into different parts for easy transportation while others need to be assembled on location.

Will I have to remove any fixtures? At what cost?

Find out what fixtures are in the facility that you will want to remove. Some facilities will agree to remove the fixtures for you but if not then you may have to do it at your own cost.

What is the room capacity?

The last thing you want is to pack people in a room like Sardines. Having too many people can lead to higher risk of accidents and it makes it difficult to maintain order in the place.

Are there any restrictions that I don’t know about?

Find out if there are any noise restrictions, particularly in residential areas. What are other restrictions such as parking or the use of fireworks and balloons?

What sort of insurance do I need to protect the guests, client and company?

Protect all parties involved in making this event a success. Not just on paper but by taking protective measures that ensure the safety of your guests. Don’t mix extreme physical activity with alcohol.

Are there any sight lines to be concerned about?

Pillars or low-rise ceiling hangers can be a huge distraction when a presentation is going on. There should be no obstructions to the main stage or areas of entertainment. Guests need a full view of what’s happening.

Where and how large are the kitchen spaces?

You need an easy and flawless way of transporting food from the place of preparation to the guests. This should not be distractive to the guests and certainly not present any harm to the servers who will be moving the food around. There should be enough space to maneuver, if there isn’t then make a plan to make it as convenient as possible for everyone.

Do I need cleaning staff before, during and after the event?

Some events can be quite messy. The facility may not always provide cleaning staff for you. Do check before you proceed with the rest of the planning.

How are the bathrooms and how will they be handled?

Find out how many bathrooms are there. Decide how often they will be cleaned throughout the night. They should be  in tip-top condition with everything working. The plumbing should be just right.

Care to make any additions to the above checklist? Do share on the comment box below.

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Nitty Gritties for Flawless Venue Set Up

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