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As planners we often spend a significant amount of time honing in on the specifics that occur during the event that sometimes we may neglect pre-event and post-event details. Event comfort, ambience, music and highlights are awesome but how about the registration and feedback experience? Often, planners look at what they need from the guests during registration and feedback that they forget to look at what the guests need from the organizer. Here are 3 top event planners tech slip-ups we often make and how smart technology implementation could be the solution for those issues.

Inefficient Registration

So you have planned your event to the ‘T’ and know the number of guests that are coming but you seem to have a long line of impatient guests waiting to get in. Manual registrations are a pain for both guests and organizers. Some organizers have different queues for their guests to quicken the process. This makes the process faster but still isn’t the best way. You still have to look for guest names one by one. 2015 has proven to be tech-driven. Why not use registration tools that quicken the process of registration? Use an online registration tool for all guests and request that they bring their printed tickets to the event. All you have to do is to scan the QR code on each ticket using your smart phone and the guests are checked in. This saves time and energy both during the registration process as well as event check in. The great thing about an online registration tool like Event Penguins is that if the guests happen to forget to print their tickets but have the details on their phone or in soft copy somewhere they can still be registered easily. Accessing that soft copy ticket shouldn’t be a problem if you have the next point taken care of.

Insufficient Bandwidth

Internet connection is no longer a perk in events but is a necessity. If you will require guests to interact socially at the event then you have to ensure that you provide the necessary connectivity for them to be able to do so. Don’t expect them to use their own mobile data, though some may prefer to do so others may not. It is disappointing not to have internet access at a venue, it’s annoying to have limited access. Do research on how much bandwidth is necessary to support the event and all its activities.

Long-winded Feedback Forms

In order to know what your guests think of your event, you obviously have to ask them. Quick note, only extremely impressed individuals and extremely dissatisfied individuals will have the enthusiasm to fill in feedback forms. The rest could care less so keep them short, sweet and to the point. Lessen the number of open-ended questions and try to structure them in such a way that they can be answered in a short and simple way. Now, people don’t enjoy filling in sheets of paper. To make it easier, use online feedback forms with less than 10 questions. Guests should be able to fill in these feedback forms in 5 minutes before they leave. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for the time they took to give you feedback and let them know you want to give them an even better experience next time.

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Tech Slip-ups Event Planners often make

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