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Event Vision

Getting a clear-cut vision is essential. It helps in determining the best venue and date for your event. It also is essential for making economic budget decisions. Business launches and product launches have different goals. Your event goals could be increasing sales, building awareness or media coverage. The message you communicate based on your event goals is essential. You have heard the statement ‘content is key’, well this isn’t just a statement marketers like to throw around. The message you send about your product or business is a huge contributor to the success of the overall event as it determines the response of your guests. It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it.

Highlight the most important things you want to achieve with this event as they make decision making much easier. This helps with prioritizing so you don’t get carried away and veer off path. Eliminate everything that is unnecessary and focus on essential things. The MoSCoW method of prioritizing is highly helpful. This establishes all your Must-haves, Should-haves, Could-haves and Won’t-haves.

Event Plot

Your messaging develops a perception about your business. If you understand your clients then you will communicate simply and quickly. Ensure your brand message is short and memorable. You have to engage brand experts as well as great event décor experts. If you can do both yourself then that’s great. You can save time and money. Messaging is nothing without proper placing. Screens have to be well placed in order to be effective without being distracting. This is the case with your lighting, booths and so on.

Remember your guests are only a segment of your entire target market so you will have to do some profiling so that your message isn’t rather generic or completely off. Have a full understanding of their mind-set, lifestyle and personality. Knowing what their current perception of your brand helps you to tailor their perception to what you desire. Speak to them in a language they understand.

Funding and Promotional Planning

When setting your budget, funding is a key aspect. Make a list of key sponsors and partners. When approaching sponsors, it’s not just about the funding they provide, but the total value they add is imperative too. First of all, ask yourself what is in it for them – what can you offer your sponsors? Approach people or organizations that will add both value and the experience for your guests. You may consider an event-partner approach. This has to give a good look for your brand. Partnership increases brand awareness for both parties and you both get to introduce each other to new networks.

Swag is of utmost importance. Have enough giveaways for your guests. Your photo-booth should be well located. Have enough social as well professional photos taken throughout the night. A common mistake event hosts make is having too much of one and not enough of the other. You will need the professional photos for newsletters, catalogues and press while social photos are purely for entertainment purposes. Make them fun! Use props if you can. This is where an excellent photographer comes in!  In addition to all that, go the extra mile in enlarging your reach. Get in contact with bloggers, use social media, forums and whatever network you can find. Finally collateral and signage that directs guests to the right place is also useful for promotional purposes. Please don’t ignore it.

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Tips for an Unforgettable Business Launch Event

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