event venue requirements

Room Flooring

This is essential as it determines what can and cannot be done in the space. Not all rooms have carpeting. A custom carpet can be rented if required for any special theme parties. Budget has to be looked into as it could affect your finances. There are lots of creative and fun ways to spruce up the floor. For a beach themed party, large plastic covering can be brought in and sand placed over it.

Dance Floor

Figuring out how much space to leave for the dance floor can be a bit of a challenge. If you expect that everyone will be up dancing then you don’t want people stepping all over each other. So you will have to pay extra attention to how much space there is. After all it does get hot when people start to boogie! If the entire room is carpeted and there is no designated space for dancing then you could request a sizeable portable flat wooden floor. Dance floors don’t have to be a boring surface. Custom designed floors can be made with logos, some print or graffiti on them.

Set-up and Tear-down

Dance floors and items that need to be brought in and are not part of the venue package will incur extra costs and timing of installation of the stage, lighting and other things shouldn’t be ignored. If there are major displays that will come in then their dimensions have to be measured before attempting to bring them in. Other than length and breadth check that the height is small enough to fit through the door and hallways and that the weight won’t collapse the floor. Floor plans are essentials for this purpose. Other things to decide on would be seating arrangements as well as food serving placement. Consider the placing of food and seats relative to the display item. None should be a distraction for the other.

Special Effects

Special effects are an amazing highlight of any event and could involve anything from fireworks, snowflakes to lasers. Some special effects may require you to be insured and may be prohibited by permits as well as any fire and safety regulations. That has to be checked up on before proceeding with any plans. Ensure that every requirement is met by the special effects company and the relevant authorities have been informed just in case of emergencies. Remember that in the case of fire, some materials need to be treated so that they are not flammable.

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Venue Requirements for a Memorable Event

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