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We are riding on the height of the wave of social media. Social media is no longer just for hippy youths who seek popularity but is a strong platform for interaction. This has highlighted the power of word of mouth. Twitter is the mother of hashtags, handles and retweets. We maximize the use of tweets at different events. This creates a buzz…excitement… people share fun facts and opinions. Here are a few tips on having an effective and maximized twitter buzz experience for your event.

Handle Those Handles

The point of ‘social media’ is to socialize. We have become a networking obsessed generation. Why not boost the hype by requesting speaker twitter handles and displaying them on screen when they are introduced. Encourage speakers to add their handles on their presentation slides. You could also request twitter handles from registrants and give them a shout out thanking them for registering. This increases the chances of them following you.


Use a cool and memorable hashtag. Hashtags have to be easy enough to remember and to type. #Avoid.hashtags.that.are.entire.sentences. If your preferred hashtag isn’t available, find the closest variation. Share this hashtag on every platform you will use to interact with guests, speakers and sponsors. All printed material and digital media should have that hashtag.

Request Follows

Don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you on twitter. Make sure that your twitter account is both entertaining and informative. Post updates and links to information so that people have a reason to follow, engage and interact with you. Make it fun and light-hearted.

Event Preps

Have a variety of different posts that range from pictures, blog posts, videos to short text. Be careful not to appear too promotional. Promotional tweets should consist only of about 20 to 30% of your overall tweets. Needless to say, you have to be relevant. Ask interesting questions and present fascinating facts. You can share pictures that relate to the preparation of the event. Get people’s attention to the build up towards the event.

Online Access

WiFi is imperative to have at the venue. Make sure there is good speed. If people need password access, place it in a visible place or have it printed or written on the pamphlets handed out to them when they come in. The downside of providing free WiFi is that if your event is boring, people will disengage from the event and go online for other reasons. You have to keep guests entertained and participating by providing an interesting line up. Remember tweets just boost the experience, they are not the actual experience!

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Ways to boost event participation through tweets

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