Make It Personal

A customized invite feels more personal. People love to know that they are not just another random person who was asked to come to an event in order to meet a target. Putting a personal touch in your invites gives a positive impression about the event. The great thing about technology is that it allows you to send invites in various ways. You could send e-mail or SMS invites and even through social media. Think carefully about the design and whether it speaks to the guests you are talking to. The design has to be visually appealing. It also has to market the event while speaking to the invitees.

Track RSVPs

Tracking RSVPs is very useful in helping you identify who has confirmed their attendance. You then know who to follow up on and can come up with creative ways to remind them about the event. It’s also great because it will help reduce waste. If only half your invitees are coming then you have to cut down on the catering – saving costs and time. Tracking RSVPs is also useful in seeing the demographics of your highest level of responses. You will then know the right target for the next event of a similar kind.

Mingle Around

Encourage as much networking as possible. Social media can transform a lifeless event into a spectacular success. It stimulates engagement and sustains the buzz of the event. You can use this platform to get feedback from attendees about the event or certain activities within. Engage attendees by asking them to vote on their favorite activity and place an incentive such as the chance to win a voucher of some sort.

Videos and Pictures

This is a great way to enhance the live experience. Get everyone buzzing about the event by sending pictures and videos of what is happening. Hiring a team to take photos and short videos to post as real time updates gets people engaged. Encourage your guests to tag themselves on the pictures. Constantly keep your timelines flowing with updates.


Little things make an event more special. Giveaways are normally used as a marketing tool. It’s always great to give items that are useful and serve a convenient purpose. If your guests live in a rainy area where public transport is used quite often then umbrellas are great giveaways. They are both useful and will be seen by many people, thus giving exposure to the brand. Remember to think along the lines of ‘usefulness to attendees’ and ‘exposure to brand’ when brainstorming on giveaways.

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Ways to Make Your Event More Fun and Engaging

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  1. Hey,This is great article and worth to read it.I am agreed on the points that are listed above people will enjoy by using room setup,social media technology,some kind of fun etc.

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